Velleman's K8055N/K8061 USB Interface Board projects

I bought a Velleman interface board some time ago and found that there is a distinct lack of code examples on the web, particularly in a nice little language like BBC BASIC for Windows,  which is ideal for interfacing because as it is an interpreted language, a line of code  can be tested as soon as it has been written. All my programs run in their own window and hence your computer stays multi-tasking at all times.

Having said this, all my programs come with a stand-alone executable file which will run in any version of Windows without any need for BBC BASIC for Windows.

I give suggested circuit boards layouts, but as components will  vary in size, some of this will be of limited use. Also, I like to etch my own circuit boards and I fully realise that this is a minority sport. However, below you can find an article that shows you how to do this. Most of the programs written for the projects below also come with code for the K8061.

Feel free to contact me if you think I might be able to help.


Most of he program expect the latest dynamic link library published by Velleman when they introduced the K8055N. At the time of writing this is K8055D.DLL version This library has more functions than the previously published libraries. Using an older library will produce error messages and not much else.

Also note that the size of text on the screen is dependant on the setting in ControlPanel/Display. If you have this at anything other than 100%, some of these programs may behave strangely.

Some links

The latest projects

The dust detector

Detecting dust with the Shinyei PPD42NS dust sensor

Atomic clocks
The msf sprite

Mainflingen DCF77 atomic clock 

The msf sprite

Anthorn (Rugby) MSF 60kHz atomic clock

with video

The msf/dcf sprite

A combined MSF/DCF atomic clock


Stepper motors
Stepper sprite

2-stepper motor driver

with video

Stepper sprite

Single stepper motor driver

Light follower sprite

A simple light follower

with video

Light seeker sprite

Seeking the light

with video
bipolar Stepper sprite

Bi-polar stepper motor driver

with double H-bridge

High I stepper sprite

A high I stepper driver

with video

SAA1027 sprite

Driving a uni-polar stepper motor

using a SAA 1027

DC motor control
The h-bridge sprite

Motor control using pulse width modulation

using a LMD18200 H-Bridge

with video

The project sprite

Tacho-generator speed control

with video

Motor sprite

A twin dc motor controller

with video
The pwm project

Motor control using pulse width modulation

for one motor


Just another sprite

Motor control using pulse width modulation

for two motors


Earthquake detectors
Quaker sprite

A simple earthquake detector

Quaker 2 sprite

Another earthquake detector

Playing with LEDs
The LED big top

Playing with 8 LEDs

Playing with 16 LEDs

with video

Traffic sprite

A traffic lights simulation

with video

two 7-seg arrays

A dual 7-segment display

with video

Three colour project

A 3-colour LED project

with video


Driving four 7-segment arrays

This and that

How to etch your own PCB

Output trace

Testing the K8061 PWM output

with video

The scope

A very slow oscilloscope

section of the K-8061 board

The Velleman K8061 board

Pendulum sprite

The chip and the pendulum 

with video

a few lines of BASIC

Programming the projects
with BBC BASIC for Windows

Mains controller sprite

A 4-channel mains controller

Many switches

A relay board

A link to the title page of this site

Which is about the Roe Valley  in Northern Ireland Tudor with sign